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1Apple cuts off Beeper Mini's access
2FDA approves a CRISPR-based medicine for treatment of sickle cell disease
3Paving the way to efficient architectures: StripedHyena-7B
4'A-team' of math proves a critical link between addition and sets
5American Chestnut Foundation Ceasing Distribution of Blight-Resistant Seeds
6You are never taught how to build quality software
7GPS-Gaussian: Generalizable Pixel-wise 3D Gaussian Splatting for Human Synthesis
8Simultaneous cat and external keyboard input causing kernel panic (2011)
9MIDI Editor
10Spoofing DNS records by abusing DHCP DNS dynamic updates
11Ancient stars made extraordinarily heavy elements, researchers find
12The valve at the end of the world
13Mistral "Mixtral" 8x7B 32k model [magnet]
14WigglyPaint: A juicy, jiggly drawing program
15TXR Lisp
16Memray: Python memory profiler
17Show HN: WarpBuild – x86-64 and arm GitHub Action runners for 30% faster builds
18The pro-Israel information war
19The Right Chemistry: Reflections on the manufacture of mirrors (2022)
20Postgres Language Server: Implementing the Parser
21Gaussian Head Avatar: Ultra High-Fidelity Head Avatar via Dynamic Gaussians
22IA Writer in Paper
235Ghoul: Unleashing Chaos on 5G Edge Devices
24The Story
25No distributed quantum advantage for approximate graph coloring
26E.U. Agrees on Artificial Intelligence Rules with Landmark New Law
27Double Standards
28JC converts the output of popular command-line tools to JSON
31Apply to YC