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1T-Mobile Employees Across the Country Receive Cash Offers to Illegally Swap Sims
2PuTTY vulnerability vuln-p521-bias
3Ramanujan's Lost Notebook
4Nathan Tolbert pushes the limitations of new games on old consoles
5Phone conversations with law enforcement can be recorded without their consent
6Embezzlers Are Nice People (2017)
7Building a GPS receiver
8Web-based Turbo Pascal compiler
9Skio (YC S20) – Subscriptions for Shopify, ReCharge Migrations Is Hiring
10A City Is Not a Computer
11A tiny ultrabright laser that can melt steel
13New Titanosaur Species Identified in Argentina
14Simplified Technical English
15Mini rope bridges built in Forest of Dean to help dormice
16An FDA approved device offers a new treatment for tinnitus
17An open-source implementation of Apple code signing and notarization (2022)
18Smishing scam regarding debt for road toll services
19PicoGK is a compact and robust geometry kernel for computational engineering
20We are moving to General Availability
21Zooming User Interface (ZUI)
22Visualizing Attention, a Transformer's Heart [video]
23Cycloidal marine propellers: Efficient thrust in any direction
24Learning from snapshots of lost fossils
25The great purge of German science in 1933
26A proof-of-concept Python executable built on Cosmopolitan Libc (2022)
27Beautifying Org Mode in Emacs (2018)
28WizardLM 2
29The origin and virtues of semicolons in programming languages
32Apply to YC